Tripod Heads

Everyone should have a decent tripod ... or two ... and that usually suffices, but tripod heads are another matter.

Two Heads Are Never Enough

Different cameras. Different shooting situations. There always seems to be a reason to buy yet another tripod head. Of course you need a big sturdy one for the heavy camera(s), but that big ol' chunk of aluminum (or whatever) would look pretty silly on your small travel tripod, so you'll need a small one as well. And oops! That nice ball head you bought doesn't have a quick release, so for those on-the-run shoots you're going to need one of those too. Now that so many still cameras can shoot pretty decent video as well as stills it'd probably be a good idea to have a fluid video head so you can get nice smooth pans and tilts. And so it goes ...

If you're even looking at this page and have read this far you're probably a photo geek, so I'll describe the setup for this shot.

A 150 watt photoflood illuminates the scene from the front left corner through a circular Lastolite diffuser. A reflector is located to the right of the scene to provide some fill. That's all ... one light, one diffuser, and one reflector. The camera is a Sony NEX-5R mounted on a small Gitzo travel tripod with Gitzo ball head.